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Keeping customers occupied is essential in call centre queues

CustomerLong queuing times have become notorious for the call centre industry, and it is essential for companies to make the customer journey as fast as possible. Time is money, particularly for consumers, and the last thing they want to do is waste time in telephone answering services queues. Therefore, keeping people occupied can be a good tactic.

One of the most important things to avoid doing to queuing customers is trying to sell things to them. This only serves to undermine any respect people have for a brand when attempting to seek help. Entertaining people is one good option, and giving people a choice of music is a good step if it’s possible.

It is important to recognise that people are spending their valuable time waiting in line. The best way to reward and respect this is to give customers their time back. For example, instead of putting those queuing into a telephone loop, virtual queuing solutions can offer people the chance to receive a scheduled call-back. This lets the customer feel in control, and it can be a huge time saver for call centres.
Call centre queues can be frustrating and are perceived negatively by many people. However, by putting systems in place to give customers their valuable time back, customer services can be boosted whilst still ensuring people are helped and rewarded for their time.

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