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Keeping a call centre team motivated

It can be difficult to keep a call centre team motivated so that it provides the highest levels of customer service to those who call in.  There are many companies that are managing to keep staff members happy and loyal and there are a number of ways to keep morale high.

Sharing information and problems with the call centre team can be a good way of keeping them involved and helping them to feel motivated.  Feedback – particularly positive – should be given to the team regularly so that they know what they are doing right – and wrong.  Treats such as team lunches are a great way to make them feel part of a team and to give a reward when targets have been reached.  It can also help for management to work alongside the team regularly so that they do not feel as though there is a gulf between the management and the team.

There are several benefits to having a telephone answering service team that is motivated.  Morale remains high and staff members are able to hone their skills and progress much more easily.  Members of staff feel valued and appreciated if they feel that management and clients show that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.  Staff members that feel appreciated are also much more creative and can often contribute innovative solutions when problems arise.  Productivity will also rise and it is far easier to see strengths and weaknesses within a team so that any issues can be easily resolved.

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