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Keep retention levels up with individual agent care

call CentreIt has long been said that the call centre industry has a poor employee retention rate. In fact, it is notorious for it. Given the high amount of money that firms have to invest in recruitment, it remains essential to keep agents employed for as long as possible. One thing telephone answering services might be missing in their employee strategy is individual care, treating an entire workforce as one instead of having a flexible approach to staff members.

For organisations that want to keep their employees happy, it is important to remember that staff are just people, and people need to feel valued and respected. Therefore, call centres have to be flexible when it comes to agent treatment.

For example, an agent might prefer a particular shift pattern because it suits his personal life better. Whilst it is not always feasible to accommodate people’s scheduling requests, it is important to consider the request and provide an appropriate response. This not only helps an agent feel valued, but it could also boost productivity in the long run if the employee feels happier and more fulfilled.

The same goes for training. If employees want to learn new skills or transition towards another part of the firm, managers should attempt to answer people’s needs. This might not always be achievable, but call centres have a better chance of retaining employees who feel heard and valued than those who constantly have their requests knocked back.

Keeping staff happy is extremely important. Instead of treating everyone the same, executives need to recognise the need for individuality.

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