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Kantar Contract Extended With WNS

WNS is a BPO outsourcing company that has extended their contract with Kantar. This renewed contract shows the strength the outsourcing industry has.

Whether it is an outsourcing company being discussed or an industry brand company, the main point to learn from a renewed contract is that call centres and IT outsourcing are still going strong. Kantar stated in a news release that they were happy to extend the contract they have with their current outsourcing company. “The company has provided a professional staff and service that has fit our project goals and needs.”

This statement shows how effective outsourcing such as telephone answering services can be to other industry companies. If your current needs are not being met internally for customer complaints, questions or other customer requirements, then outsourcing may be the answer.

Today many consumers prefer 24-hour access, seven days a week to a service or product provider. Employment hours have made this a necessary demand given that consumers may work different shifts such as overnight, swing shifts, or weekends where they need to be able to contact a company when they have the time, not when the company is open.

Outsourcing can help streamline your business, provide answers to consumers when needed, and be more effective in all of your customer service requirements. However, signing a contract for outsourcing should not be taken lightly. It is important to first carry out an extensive evaluation of the company in question to ensure it is the right business partnership for you and your consumers.

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