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JustGiving deploys cloud-based software to boost customer service

It is nothing new to hear that customer service is vital if a company wants to succeed and benefit from referrals and repeat custom.  For all call centres, it is vital to get consumer care right, providing people with a fast, effective and approachable service.  Now, news from JustGiving has shown just how the cloud can help.

Telephone answering services are increasingly turning to new systems to ensure that they can meet consumer demands.  JustGiving has revealed that they have been able to bolster their service levels by using new software from NewVoiceMedia.  Utilising the software developer’s ContactWorld for Service program, the company has managed to get rising satisfaction and service levels, in addition to swift and personalised responses.  In-depth data reporting is provided alongside interactive voice response, call recording and automatic call distribution.  With the system being based in the cloud, it is flexible to change.

JustGiving’s IT Service Manager, Katy Stokes, said: “We aim to give our users the best possible experience when giving online, so being able to recognise callers and deliver a personalised service is invaluable.  Providing excellent customer support is so important to us, and with ContactWorld we are handling calls more efficiently and improving the satisfaction of our service users.”

For call centres wanting to expand their services and improve customer care, turning to new software solutions can be a good idea.  By utilising programs in the cloud, increased flexibility and response times can be gained.

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