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Job satisfaction boosted by holidays

Telephone Answering ServicesA new survey has found that taking a holiday improves a person’s job satisfaction. For call centres that want to retain their staff, ensuring people are happy in their career is crucial. By giving employees the right holiday time, telephone answering services might be able to combat the notoriously high employee turnover rate that is noted within the industry.

Diamond Resorts International commissioned the Nielsen Research study, which found that individuals enjoying regular holidays have better relationships, are healthier, and are generally happier than those who are not able to get away. In fact, whilst just 43 per cent of people who do not take a holiday feel happy, this rises to 76 per cent for annual holidaymakers.

Time away from work also has an energising effect, with 72 per cent of people holidaying at least once a year feeling full of life and energised; only 34 per cent of people who don’t go on a holiday feel this way. Finally, excellent heath was enjoyed by 56 per cent of holidaymakers, whilst only 28 per cent of non-holidaymakers shared this view.

The data shows just how important it is for call centre staff to take a regular break to replenish their energy and motivation levels. Work-related stress can boost staff turnover, causing all manner of problems for firms. By ensuring that everyone has a break, companies can benefit from higher retention rates and happier employees.

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