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Jamaica trying to edge into outsourcing

Jamaica is endeavouring to also get into the outsourcing industry, especially in order to offer premier English-speaking resources such as call centres. Jamaica has a large population of English speakers and their location in the Caribbean can be most useful for the UK and USA. The time zone differences are close enough to enable the centres to operate during working hours or at least partially during working hours for the head company, but also maintain 24-hour telephone answering services.

The island has stated that it has more than 10,000 full-time trained personnel to head up the call centres and outsourcing services. The island itself is rather small and its population less than the Philippines, but Jamaica may have a bit of luck taking some of the Philippines industry simply because of its closeness to the USA.

The Philippines has served the USA rather well in recent years, along with the UK. India and China are definitely gaining more competition for themselves in recent years as businesses look for English-speaking services that are more like a true native speaker. Consumers have also been asking for such changes. Most consumers appreciate someone they can understand and who can understand them. This is why the Philippines has such a huge industry. Although the Philippines has Tagalog as a main language there are a majority of individuals who have English as a second language almost from birth, given the many missionaries that brought the language to the country all those years ago.

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