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Jabra upgrades call transfer options

Happy woman on phoneJabra have revealed that a new upgrade to their Jabra Evolve series will allow agents to easily transfer calls from landlines to mobiles. For many modern telephone answering services that don’t require employees to always be at their desk, this can result in higher efficiencies and a continuation of service.

As part of the latest upgrade, call centres can also transfer conversations from a desktop-based Skype for Business call onto a smartphone without having to change headsets. Evolve 40 and 80 users only need to unplug the stereo jack from a desktop unit to get the call to transfer onto a mobile phone, either by inserting the jack into the mobile device or utilising Bluetooth instead.

Jabra’s managing director of UK and Ireland, Nigel Dunn, explained: “The Intelligent Call Transfer feature is a natural evolution to the Evolve feature set. The headset series’ primary functionality remains to create that personal ‘concentration zone’ in open, loud and distracting workspaces. The Intelligent Call Transfer upgrade for Skype for Business extends end-user confidence of being in control of their device environment as they bring their ‘concentration zone’ with them.”

The upgrade means that call centres can utilise a flexible work system where agents aren’t necessarily chained to their desks and have the ability to answer calls regardless of where they happen to be when they come in. This means that efficiency and continuity of service can prevail, helping businesses to provide optimal customer care.

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