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Jabra reveal new noise-cancelling headsets

Headset, Telecommunications,The call centre environment can be a noisy place, and if volume levels become too high, they can start to interfere with the customer experience. For that reason, it is vital that technology is in place to cancel out as much of the noise as possible. Now, Jabra have revealed that their new BIZ 2400 II corded headsets will provide the clearest communications yet.

When a lot of agents are at work, it can be hard for telephone answering services to ensure that customers get a quiet and clear voice call. However, using the right headsets can cancel out a lot of background noise. With the help of Jabra’s newest hardware, agents can enjoy enhanced speakers, acoustic shock protection, an ultra noise-cancelling microphone, and additional padding to make wearing the headset more comfortable.

Jabra UK and Ireland’s managing director, Nigel Dunn, explained: “Where conversations are at the heart of a hard-working contact centre employee’s role, call clarity and all-day comfort are vital. The new Jabra BIZ 2400 II effectively fulfils both requirements to ensure health and safety compliance as well as increased productivity in order to achieve daily and weekly KPIs.” He added that when agents can hear callers clearly, they are more productive, boosting job satisfaction and overall performance.

For call centres that want to have the best tech, the latest Jabra BIZ 2400 II could be the ideal choice.

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