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IVRs must service customers’ needs

Customer Service - Lifting the WordsFor many call centres across the country, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has become a way of life, allowing customers to get through to the right department or help themselves. However, for maximum efficiency, it is vital that IVR systems actually address people’s needs. Therefore, it is essential to continually review IVR menus and options to ensure that people are getting the help they need.

Although many telephone answering services have IVR in place, some of them fail to take the time to check that systems are still current. The call centre industry is constantly evolving, with the needs of callers changing as the months progress. Therefore, a system that worked fine two years ago might now need a major overhaul.

One of the most frustrating things for callers is when they are faced with an IVR menu that doesn’t contain any of the options that relate to their specific issue. Even worse is when there is no option to hold to speak to an agent about something else. This almost always results in people being directed to the wrong department and then facing further delays.

It really is worth segregating agents by division and then routing IVRs through to various groups of workers. This is beneficial for agents as well as callers. IVR menu options are well worth evaluating as the new year gets under way.

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