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Is Your Call Centre Managing You?

Outsourcing is changing.

Outsourcing has changed since it first became a viable option. For those in need of call centres it is important to understand the changes that are occurring. For instance, many of the changes to call centres are based on technology. We are now able to use our desktop computer for communications linking with every employee in the company. In other words, someone thousands of miles away can communicate with employees of your company simply through linked computers. It makes it easier for you to get your jobs done, but also keep abreast of what other workers are doing.

When you consider telephone answering services, you can see what someone is doing in another part of the world by making a phone call linked through technology. Other changes include those with intellectual property and data property. In 2011, India passed a new law stating that data could not be sent out of India. It has meant certain issues with call centres being able to share information they are given. Under the new law they are technically not allowed to provide it to an operator outside India. A way around this is by using data property rules whereby virtual centres are set up to handle the data. A virtual centre means the data is uploaded immediately to the UK company rather than being “stored” in India; therefore, companies are still able to get the data they require.

A call centre that does not offer all the latest in technology and concepts may not be managing your needs sufficiently.

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