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Is Outsourcing Suitable for Education and Leisure Industries?

Outsourcing is being considered by education and leisure committees.

Some education and leisure committees are proposing to outsource certain parts of their industries in the next three years. It is supposed to provide a saving of £11 million. The proposals are mostly for outsourcing swimming pool help in order to make taking care of the pools easier, but it could lead to futher outsourcing.

These two sectors have already examined what other outsourcing they can use. There are certain options such as call centres for students that have been used more recently by students.

Students can use video conferencing with telephone answering services to talk with education experts regarding their homework. For instance if a student needs a math question explained they could dial in to the outsourcing call centre resource and talk with a mathematics expert.

The expert will walk them through the question helping the student learn how to complete the problem. It is like a personal tutor via video call. Such resources are becoming more popular as it is affordable for schools to offer. Even if schools do not offer the resources, students are able to find them via the internet themselves. The concept is a way for students to truly learn, especially if they tend to struggle in class and need more attention from an expert with regards to learning. These call centres may become more popular in the future as more students begin to realise that these resources exist.

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