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Is CXM the next big thing?

on the phone23Customer services play a big role in the success of modern business, and customer relationship tools have found their way into the workplace as a result. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are often used by companies to provide insights into their prime consumers. However, Customer Experience Management (CXM) could be the next big thing in the must-have solutions marketplace.

According to research firm Gartner, CRM is a process that looks to optimise profitability and revenue whilst building better customer loyalty and satisfaction. Software is used in marketing, digital commerce, sales and customer services in order to identify and manage the relationships with consumers.

Meanwhile, CXM has evolved to directly answer the expectations of shoppers, responding to engagement whilst bolstering advocacy, loyalty and satisfaction. CXM builds relationships actively rather than doing it behind the scenes with insights and analytics.

For telephone answering services, CXM moves the focus away from using solutions to control consumers towards a more holistic approach. Competitive advantages can be gained by delivering personal, relevant and superior consumer care. In addition, a higher priority is placed on applying consumer data at the right place and time instead of relying on backroom information management to get people do what an organisation wants them to do.

In many ways, CXM currently offers the finishing touches after the role of CRM has ended. However, with consumer care continuing to play such an important role, CXM could replace CRM in call centres altogether.

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