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Is calling customer service departments ending

Technology provides us with many ways to contact customer service departments. It used to be that we had no choice but to pick up the phone and talk with a live person. Now, many of us think nothing of going online and sending an email or going directly to live chat. Live chat telephone answering services are quite helpful, but sometimes the consumer can be more put out with these alternative methods than calling up a call centre to speak with the company directly.

Here is an example of why:

A person tried live chat to get an answer, but rather than the live chat window waiting for the question to be typed it started asking “Are you there, how can I help you?” and even said: “Close the window if you are done with messages.” It was all because of a live chat automated programme. The company did not have a person working the live chat window as they should, but instead tried to save money with a computer to answer the question. It really cannot be defined as live chat in this sense, right?

So the consumer ended up calling the telephone number and talking directly with a call centre employee. The question was answered and it made the consumer realise that yet again telephone answering services where you get a live human is better than the alternative technologies. Your business can most certainly benefit from call centres that take your consumers seriously, with proper technology and human voices on the other end.

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