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Is a virtual receptionist right for you?

Missing calls from potential customers is the biggest faux pas of any new business. Never miss a call (or new business) again by venturing into the world of a virtual receptionist or PA.

When looking for someone to represent you and your business it’s important they demonstrate a high level of customer service, a professional manner and polished response.

At Go Response we do just that. Your calls won’t be answered by “just another call centre”, or God forbid a robot, instead they will be answered by a highly experienced and dedicated virtual PA or receptionist.

Our cost-effective virtual reception service will give your customers the personal touch, which will free up more of your time whilst allowing you to gain competitive advantage over others who will appear smaller than your business.

If you’re still unsure just take a look of the benefits of choosing a Go Response virtual PA/Receptionist:

  • You’ll get the best quality of service – All your clients and enquiries will be greeted by someone who knows you and importantly, your business.

  • This time, it’s personal – your calls will be predominantly answered by one person. If they’re already on the phone then they’re backed up by a small team of other like-minded individuals, so your callers will never have to listen to that annoying “your call is important to us” message, or even worse, Greensleeves!

  • Messages how you want them – We will email you as soon as we take a message for you, and if you have a smartphone, you’ll be able to call the person back just by clicking on the telephone number

  • A visible presence – You’ll be able to see your virtual PA when they’re in the office and chat to them online or you can call them if you need to. But failing that they’ll be in regular contact to make sure you’re getting the care and attention that you rightly expect

  • 24/7 call answering – Our virtual reception services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so whenever a customer calls there’ll be a trained operator on hand to answer

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