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Investing in agents is essential for performance improvement

performance level conceptual meterBoosting service quality and performance should be an ongoing endeavour for all call centres because those that take their eye off the ball are likely to slip behind the competition. It is important for companies to look into new approaches constantly to maximise their workforce’s potential. By investing time into agents, particularly in gaining feedback, telephone answering services can make informed decisions on what works and what doesn’t.

One of the most important areas for feedback is training. Educating and up-skilling agents is important for any call centre because it helps people communicate and engage with customers better. In addition, it can help their personal development and raise staff retention levels. However, it is vital to ask agents for their feedback on coaching sessions. A lot of time and money is spent on training, and it’s a wasted expense if the process isn’t actually helping individuals.

People should also be given constructive feedback on all sections of their calls. This includes the opening and closing stages, technical skills and compliance, and general communication. By assessing an entire call, team leaders can identify where people might require extra help.

For companies that want to excel in performance, it is vital to pay attention to agents. By investing time in giving and getting feedback, skillsets can be improved and diversified, leading to improved customer service and productivity.

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