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Intelligent technology boosts call centre performance

Technology word cloudIt has been revealed that if call centres want to optimise their performance and boost their productivity, it is vital to utilise intelligent technology. There are many solutions on the market that can solve an array of business problems. By utilising the right tools, telephone answering services can drive up their bottom line.

Call centre solutions come in many forms. Whilst some of them can have an almost immediate effect on productivity, others take a while to work. For example, utilising an outbound dialler can show positive gains almost immediately. Previous reports have shown that a 400 per cent rise in agent productivity can be experienced simply by automating the dialling process.

Meanwhile, other tools have a more subtle and passive effect on performance. If call centres choose to automate service requests with web-based and phone self service options, agents can be freed up to deal with other customers. This facilitates better customer care and can also cut costs. Another example is when unified desktops are utilised, helping agents to reduce handling time and increase First Call Resolution (FCR) rates.

One of the most important things for call centres to remember is that intelligent technology should be used to simplify operations, not make them more complex. By using solutions in the right place, indirect and direct gains in performance and productivity can be enjoyed.

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