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Intelecom extends real-time functionality with web chat for cloud

Ask us Buy Online Consult Contact us Customer Support ConceptIntelecom Group AS has revealed that it plans to add web chat functionality to its cloud solution, offering more options for call centres to interact with customers in real time. In the latest update of its cloud offering, the firm said that structured instant messaging (IM) options would be available, allowing telephone answering services to maximise their use of web chat as the channel becomes increasingly popular.

As part of the new update, Intelecom users will be provided with menu options that can be displayed to customers via web chat. The conversation confirmation options provide a way to gain clearer feedback and more concrete commitment from consumers when interacting. In addition, a mobile option is available that should provide concise answers to help prevent misunderstandings.

Intelecom’s Vice President of Product and Marketing, Thomas Rodseth, explained: “The inclusion of structured Chat messages in Web Chat conversations follows the recent addition of WebRTC softphone capabilities into Intelecom as part of the company’s strategy to improve real-time interactions using its cloud-based contact centre solution. Meanwhile, the latest integration to Oracle’s Siebel CRM and launch of our predictive dialler helps to simplify the everyday lives of agents and improve productivity.”

Other new features revealed by Rodseth include a predictive dialler that considers average call numbers, length of call and average answer time to help boost productivity and keep queue times low. In addition, standard integration into Oracle’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool has been included, offering a way for call centres to save time and improve customer services quality.

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