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Integration for Microsoft Lync and Netcall

microsoft logoIt has been reported that Netcall has managed to gain Microsoft Lync accreditation, meaning that call centre agents will be able to access a seamless multichannel workspace to facilitate their work. For all telephone answering services, achieving nearly perfect work process flow is vital if time and money are to be saved without affecting customer care. This has been made far easier with the latest integration.

By joining Microsoft Lync and Netcall Liberty Contact Centre, frontline staff are able to respond quickly to any communication that comes through their workspace, regardless of the channel it is on. In addition, instant messenger (IM) can be utilised to add context to call transfers, meaning that when callers are passed between workers, it is done with more care and information. A unified contact directory is also being offered, which will give call centre agents access to data such as site-wide employee status.

Richard Farrell, Netcall’s chief technology officer, said: “A significant barrier to first contact resolution has been the time it takes for agents to gain information from back office colleagues who may be remotely located or performing their tasks while mobile. Tighter integration between front and back office increases agent productivity by supporting them to resolve issues faster.”

With customer care a constant priority, doing everything possible to reduce wasted time and boost positive experiences is essential. With this latest integration, call centres are more equipped to do their jobs efficiently.

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