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Integrating CRM and hosted diallers provides productivity boost

performance level conceptual meterHostcomm have said that it will work with a customer relationship management (CRM) development team to integrate hosted dialler services into its functionality. FLG will benefit from the new tools by allowing call centres to boost their agents’ performance and productivity.

As part of the new system, common processes will be streamlined for telephone answering services, enabling workers to spend more time helping customers than dealing with administration. During outbound dialling, for example, interfaces will be able to draw customer data directly from FLG’s database. This means that agents have all the information they require before the connection is made. Although the 20-second saving might seem small, this saves workers an hour when it is spread out over 200 calls.

Another time waster in the call centre is manual dialling. The new integration will provide a click-to-dial function, eliminating the need for any manual work at all. This saves time whilst ensuring that errors are not made.

Hostcomm director Chris Key explained: “A dialler makes it possible to connect more calls and give agents more conversations. Meanwhile, a CRM system like FLG lets you organise customer data, record the details of your interactions, track leads, and much more. Both solutions improve productivity and maximise results, whether those are outbound campaign statistics or customer service metrics. They serve similar purposes, in different ways – and that’s why they make such a powerful pair.”

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