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Inspirational ideas to improve call centre success

There are many call centres in Britain that are becoming highly praised for their inspirational approach to increasing performance.  Much of the innovations applied are simply to reward staff and create better job satisfaction; satisfaction that is then passively passed on to clients through good customer service.  For anyone looking to increase production at their telephone answering services, there are some great ideas that could work wonders.

Using a company’s intranet can be a great way to gain feedback and increase staff satisfaction.  One energy company set up the “What Drives Your Crazy World” scheme; an intranet application made up of four specific areas.  Topics were divided into “It drives our customer crazy,” “It drives me crazy,” “My crazy idea” and “My crazy call.”  Staff members have been encouraged to utilise these categories to provide feedback, with all submissions being addressed, in person, by a senior member of staff.

Thank you cards have also been used in work environments to encourage staff and boost morale.  Physical postcards or a digital message service can be used, with staff able to fill out cards to thank colleagues for help during the working week.  This increases the positivity between workers, which is then passed to customers through great service.  Another factor that can help customer satisfaction is script reading.  FSA compliance requires certain legalities to be read out over the phone, and staff can participate in nursery rhyme and poetry reading sessions to help scripts sound more natural, allowing them to become more approachable to customers.

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