Outsourced Call Centre Services
"The set up has gone well, I look forward to an equally good ongoing service relationship."
- Roger Dixon, Paraductus

Training & Education

Service That Passes The Test

If a company is looking after your customer service, you need to be confident that they will be treating  customers and potential customers with the same professionalism and respect that you would. Whether it’s call overflow and out-of-hours or handling email enquiries and managing your social media accounts; letting someone else represent you requires complete trust.

GoResponse has over 10 years’ experience providing specialist call & email response management for a broad range of organisations in education and training.

Whatever your need, GoResponse is able to provide a tailor made solution, just for you. These may include:

  • Course Enquiry Information – handling initial enquiries and providing information including locating the local training centre for the caller, brochure requests, and course advisor appointment booking
  • Training Course Sales – for clients with higher call volumes, our staff can be trained on your portfolio of courses, ensuring that enquiries can be converted at the point of call
  • Media Response – maximise your marketing ROI by ensuring robust media response and capturing every single lead and response channel. Information pack/brochure requests handled at point of call or HTML email or PDF documents can be sent directly to the applicant


  • Lower operating costs through outsourcing peaks in demand
  • Reduce fixed costs by outsourcing short term call/email campaign response
  • Back office systems integration means joined up client support across your organisation & GoResponse
  • Meet your customers’ expectations every time
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