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IT & Communications

Multichannel support for your customers

In an industry with unparalleled complexity and diversity, exceeding your clients’ expectations is essential in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Choose a call centre partner that’s dedicated to your success and delivering on your client SLAs.

GoResponse has extensive experience providing specialist call, email and social media response management for businesses across the IT & Communications sector.

Whatever your need, GoResponse is able to provide a bespoke solution, just for you. Solutions that are currently provided to clients include:

  • Brochure & Information Request – handling initial enquiries and providing information on products or services. Brochure request information can also be captured, or your potential client can be provided with HTML email and/or PDF document delivery direct whilst on the call
  • Customer Care Lineswhether you need overflow call handling, or all incoming calls taken care of, you can centralise all your support request operations, including using your helpdesk ticketing system and industry standard systems such as Eco Repair
  • 24 Hour Support Escalation – Logging your support requests and identifying the correct technical resources – even for multiple products, disciplines, geographies and time zones, meaning your customers always get through to someone – day or night

By integrating with your systems, GoResponse can become part of the fabric of your operations, centralising information and giving you a 360 degree view of your communications. Benefits include:

  • Lower operating costs through outsourcing peaks in demand
  • Back office systems integration means joined up client support across your organisation & GoResponse
  • Meet your customers’ expectations every time

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