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Maximise Donor Spend

Ensuring donations and maximising the longevity of every donor in an extremely challenging
economic climate, demands that charities put forward their strongest messages across all channels. Delivering a rewarding customer experience for all of your benefactors that differentiates you from other charities is both an art and a science; and is where GoResponse have developed our expertise over the last decade.

We work across a wide-selection of industries and utilise our vast transferable skills to revolutionise charity support. Whether our clients have an international presence, are prominent within the media, or are smaller, niche operations, we partner with them to proactively deliver a response that fits their requirements exactly. This could be an ongoing campaign, or an annual event – either way, we shape services that have consistently delivered
results to meet their specific needs.

Why Choose An Omni Channel Solution?
We have found that what donors want above all else is choice. Whether it’s on the phone, over email, via Live Chat or through social media, your donors want to be able to reach you through the channel of their choice. Offering multiple communication options can leverage some unique benefits:

  • Higher Donations – For certain situations it is appropriate to present supporter incentives, or to convert ad-hoc donors into those who regularly give. The personal interaction offered by a quality call centre service will consistently achieve better results than impersonal methods alone
  • Increased Supporter Insight – Interacting with potential supporters allows you to understand their preferences and expand the areas of support that they will have the most empathy with. By focusing support into areas that they will feel most passionate about will provide increased longevity and future opportunities for expanding support

What Solutions Are Available To Me?
All solutions provided by GoResponse are adapted to our clients’ unique requirement, however examples of solutions provided to date include:

  • Information Request Lines – handling initial enquiries and providing information regarding supporter opportunities
  • Media & Advertising Response – maximise your marketing ROI by ensuring robust media response and capturing every enquiry and automatically collating lead sources
  • Payment Processing – ensuring that your supporters can make the right decision to donate, and process payments via debit/credit card
  • Email and SMS response – ensure your stakeholders enquiries are responded to immediately, no matter how they choose to contact you
  • Social Media – monitor mentions of your charity online and engage with potential and existing donors

Keep In Control
Access real-time information regarding response to your campaigns, including supporter adoption rates, average donations and revenue captured through the call centre. Only GoResponse provides on-demand feedback as soon as each call has finished.

To find out more, call 0800 043 0443 or contact us by email or or feel free to chat with us online.
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