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India Still Ruling Call Centres and Other Outsourcing

India is still considered the top country for call centres and other outsourcing.

India has always been a leader in outsourcing whether for call centres or IT. They remain in the top tier due to diversification and maturity of their centres. The country announced they are in a perfect position to take advantage of new industry needs with regards to outsourcing including IT services that can be used in conjunction with call centres.

Companies looking to hire out telephone answering services can find plenty of advantages. Low costs for call centre operations are just the beginning of the benefits. Time zone advantages are also present for countries such as the U.S., Europe and United Kingdom. Indian call centres can ensure that the company is available 24/7 leaving calls answered during the daytime hours to the company if the owner wishes to structure it that way.

Additionally, call centres are already set up for communications. Adding another company to partner with for telephone answering services does not change things much for the outsourcing company but can greatly improve things for the company hiring the help. They receive communication skills and facilities that could cost a great deal to implement in their own offices.

India has also reminded companies looking for outsourcing that government support is necessary. They have this support in their local offices and also those that are off shore, such as offices based in the UK that can be used by UK businesses.

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