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India Rebukes Outsourcing Fears

In recent weeks a number of reports have insinuated that India may face troubled times with their outsourcing industry as a result of pricing issues. Today India dismisses this talk saying the industry is still strong.

Outsourcing call centres to India has been a choice of many UK facilities. Cost benefits alone make the concept worthwhile. In the last four years, however, the outsourcing of telephone answer services within the UK has also become popular. Companies with expert customer service representatives have formed in the UK to keep jobs in the country, but also to help lower business costs. Some companies simply cannot afford the space, time or training to have their own call centre. They require inexpensive outside help.

For companies in the UK looking to outsource call centres, IT or other areas of their industry, India is still in contention according to the Indian government and outsourcing industry. India has accelerated its growth in IT (hi-tech sector), which has seen a 30% growth for 2011 and an increase of 50% compared to the same time last year.

Indian outsourcing companies feel it is a winning situation despite some of the negative publicity of recent weeks. They are still maintaining the majority of outsourcing from the UK and USA. For UK-based companies it means there are still a myriad of choices in the outsourcing industry. These companies can locate the service that work best for their needs and their consumer requirements. Businesses are consumer driven; therefore, the consumer needs to be the main focus.

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