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India Offers IT Outsourcing

India began as the call centre capital of the world with regards to outsourcing. If a company in the USA or UK needed telephone answering services they headed to India to find it. In recent years China, the Philippines and South Africa have grown as some of the best places to obtain call centre outsourcing. It has left India to face some challenges with regards to keeping its customers.

India is working on IT in order to offer technology and service outsourcing. Political troubles have helped increase the issues India has faced in the last year. There has also been a great deal of talk about India losing the competitive advantage it has enjoyed with regards to back office and IT services.

Latin America and parts of Europe have also gained a spot in the industry in the last year, yet India still came up with one third of the industry market share. India has decided to move away from traditional call centres. This may be why the country is able to hang on to one third of the market share.

Currently India has offered IT resources such as experts who can teach students in schools. It has also improved their technologies to better handle back office and IT needs. Call centres are no longer traditional because the world is more mobile. There is every chance of gaining call centres where English is like a first language for the call centre representatives on the staff.

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