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India Expanding Beyond Call Centres

Many Indian-based outsourcing centres are deciding to expand beyond call centres to knowledge processing.

Call centre outsourcing is where it all began. Companies started to realise they could find inexpensive labour with English speaking and educated staff by using telephone answering services in India and Asia. Today call centre outsourcing is still the biggest option out there, but there has also been a shift towards other products being offered.

Several of the outsourcing centres in India are beginning to offer statistical analysis, legal health, market research, and other services in conjunction with call centres. This new change is going to be called KPO (knowledge processing outsourcing). The added tasks will mean legal work and equity reports can be done by the call centres and thus the billing rate will increase. However, the fees are still going to be less than they were in-country. Call centres from India’s perspective are the lower value jobs, while it means that employed workers still need to be able to support their families.

Adding new services can make this possible. Call centres are still going to be available, but one can get more services than just the call centres. It can be a mutually beneficial relationship given the cost savings for UK companies. The outsourcing industry is going to continue to change as new products are offered in the technological department. Technology is making it easier for global interaction and also for work to get done with speed and accuracy.

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