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Increasing numbers of call centres moving to the cloud

Cloud computing became more popular than ever during 2012, and a new survey has revealed that call centres are likely to use this area of technology even more in 2013.  A new questionnaire conducted by OnePoll showed that 73% of telephone answering services in the UK already using some form of cloud operations want to increase their reliance on this platform during 2013, enabling them to prosper from the cloud’s many benefits.

In early December, 2012, 500 call centre directors and senior managers were asked about their use of cloud-based operations.  Forty-eight percent of respondents revealed that if they weren’t already actively looking at moving into the area, they’d like to do so.  The findings support previous claims from Interactive Intelligence, where the survey revealed that 64% of companies wanted to start utilising cloud technology.

Dave Paulding, an expert in the cloud computing niche, said: “More and more companies are realising the benefits of the cloud, which includes minimal up-front costs, faster deployment and the improved flexibility it brings to contact centre operations.”  He added that many flexible solutions were available, allowing all companies to find the right fit for their business needs.

With cloud technology being increasingly utilised, those looking at outsourcing their telephone answering services to call centres might like to ensure that companies are already using the cloud.  This will help streamline business processes in the future, as cloud computing is increasingly used.

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