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Increasing mobility and customer services priority noted in workforce

A new survey has shown that there has been a significant rise in the number of people enjoying flexible working conditions. In addition, with customer service being increasingly important, it’s vital for call centres to ensure that their phones are manned around the clock.

In a new survey, it was revealed that just 26 per cent of people spend the entire five days of the working week in the office. This has dropped significantly from the 57 per cent noted five years ago. Taken alongside the data that the number of workers spending less than a day in the office has risen from 7 per cent to 15 per cent, it clearly shows that people are becoming more mobile than ever before.

The change may have some important consequences for telephone answering services, which have traditionally seen peak call times during lunch hours or early evening time slots. With far more people working from home and conducting work on the move, it is vital that call centres ensure that their lines are manned by agents throughout the day.

Talking of the trend, communications expert Trevor Connell said: “By enabling the ‘Anywhere Worker’ with tools that are easy and intuitive to use, productivity can be increased whether an employee is in the office five days a week or one.  In order to do this, businesses need to embrace ‘enterprise-calibre’ consumer technology in the communications mix and put the emphasis on what the user wants to do their job.” In addition, with Connell’s revelation that 65 per cent of companies are focussing on providing top quality customer service, call centres must ensure that their priority is giving the best consumer care possible.

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