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Increasing agent happiness can double productivity

Smiling Customer service representative with headset onIt has long been known that happy employees perform better. However, it turns out that keeping call centre agents happy can actually result in double the productivity, in addition to a better working environment. Because of this, it is vital that managers help facilitate happiness in the workplace. There are three main components to bear in mind when making this change.

Telephone answering services cannot necessarily tell their agents how to be happy, but team leaders and managers can take the time to change the way they work and nurture a positive culture within their workers. Being grateful is a key aspect to happiness. In fact, research from Anchor suggests that starting the day with a praise-filled email can reset an employee’s mind to begin the working day with a positive mindset.

It is also essential to pay attention to positive wording, which is something that can become an important tool for team leaders. Evaluations and feedback need to include positive messages and offer something extra beyond simply solving issues.

Finally, there is also the need to include room in the workplace for collaboration and a little selfishness. Call centre agents might love working with one another, but they can also take pride in completing a task themselves and it is important to recognise this.

Facilitating the growth of happiness in the call centre is vital not only for workers’ wellbeing but also to lower attrition rates. With happier staff working much harder, there are benefits all around.

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