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Increased home-workers won’t result in death of call centres

In a number of recent reports, it has been shown that an increasing number of agents are working from home.  Whilst some may think that this could eventually lead to the demise of call centres, experts within the field have said this is unlikely.

For many telephone answering services agents, working from home is ideal.  With the right software, it is easily achieved.  Figures have suggested that the foreseeable future could note a 25% upswing in the number of people working from home, with many agents optimising their performance as a result.  However, experts have said that call centres are not likely to see a total demise, as a centre of operations is vital if businesses are to succeed.

One of the most important aspects of running a call centre is having the right staff and a central location where people can be trained and engaged with.  With customer services having become a top priority, firms need to know their workers are doing everything they can to achieve peak efficiencies, and this means agents are needed on-site so that real-time metrics can be taken and analysed.

Overall, the rise of home-workers is not a surprise; internet systems have become faster and more secure, and employees are demanding far more flexibility.  Home-working agents are ideal when firms need to have overflow staff to pick up the slack in high volume periods, or times when bad weather prevents everyone getting into work.  However, it is unlikely that call centres will become a distant memory of the past.

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