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Increase engagement with local numbers

Telephone in blueMany businesses have trouble getting consumers to engage with call centres. This is particularly true for outgoing calls, where people often screen incoming contacts. By using a local Caller Line Identification (CLI) code, firms can increase the likelihood that their phone calls will be answered.

To run a successful marketing campaign, telephone answering services need to consider a large variety of factors. Receiving a successful outcome from a customer contact needs the right timing, tone of message, and targeting. In addition, businesses need people to actually pick up the phone the first place, and having local numbers displayed can help boost the chances of this occurring.

Withholding CLIs can cause distrust in consumers and a reluctance to pick up the phone. Meanwhile, using an 08 number can be expensive if consumers want to call a firm back. In both of these cases, a CLI could be having a negative effect on call centres.

Instead, it is worth utilising software that enables a local number to be shown. This reduces the risk of people screening calls and makes it cheaper for consumers to return missed calls. In fact, a study of more than 2,000 people revealed that 71 per cent are unlikely to accept calls from unknown numbers. For 08 numbers, this figure was 66 per cent. Conversely, 75 per cent said they were more likely to accept a call from a local number.

For businesses that want to boost engagement, using CLI can be an overlooked but important factor. Changing numbers to a local code can offer many benefits for companies and consumers alike.

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