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Increase customer services quality through website interaction

Websites URLThe way in which companies interact with their customers has changed immensely over the past decade. The world has become a much more social place, with shoppers engaging with their favourite brands online via websites or on social media. For call centres that want to maximise their consumer care, it is essential to interact with potential customers, particularly website browsers.

Businesses that notice an abandoned shopping cart online often send an email encouraging people to finish their purchase. However, with the latest technology, real-time contextual routing means that telephone answering services can interact with people before they’ve left the site. This can be done using a pop-up webchat, catching people’s attention before they’ve navigated away. This can turn an individual’s “window shopping” into a completed transaction, and it also gives agents an opportunity to provide people with a positive customer experience.

Watching and monitoring a customer’s journey might sound a little intrusive, but it’s an important step in understanding how and why people make the purchases they do. By being able to anticipate a need before it’s shared or proactively answer questions before people realise they need to ask, a lot of time can be saved. In addition, when consumers have a positive experience, companies strengthen consumer loyalty whilst building brand awareness.

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