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Increase customer satisfaction by replacing common phrases

Call centres are always on the offensive when it comes to delivering optimised and high-quality consumer care. As a result, agents are trained to use positive language at all times. Sometimes, however, phrasing can become stale. When that happens, agents can fall into the trap of failing to convey real emotion. Therefore, it is important for telephone answering services to regularly assess their commonly used phrases and come up with alternatives.

Take the phrase “Thank you for your patience”, for example. This is often heard in the call centre, particularly when queue times might be long or a customer has to be kept waiting whilst advice from management is sought. Whilst saying these words can alleviate some of the frustration consumers might have, there are also other ways to say the same thing.

For example, replacing the phrase with “I hope I was able to help you with your concern” can lower repeat contacts because it firmly establishes that an issue has been resolved. Meanwhile, agents might like to say “I apologise for any inconvenience caused today. Please accept my sincere apologies.” In this situation, an agent is addressing the need to apologise but is taking responsibility instead of simply saying “our apologies”. This can connect with consumers better and make such words come across as more genuine.

Building rapport with customers can often come down to the language that is used. By adding some variety to commonly used phrases, consumers can really engage with agents instead of leaving without an emotional connection.

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