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Increase call centre efficiency by improving FCR

For many call centres, first contact resolution (FCR) is vital.  Answering a customer’s query straight away stops repeat calls and allows consumers to have a positive experience.  There are many ways that telephone answering services can improve their FCR with simple steps, enabling both company and customer to thrive.

One of the easiest steps to take, and a feature that can be added onto the end of most calls, is to actually ask callers whether they are happy with a resolution.  If they are not, the problem can be looked at again, avoiding cases where upset consumers have to call back time and time again.  Utilising a post-call customer satisfaction survey can also help, and whilst it might not solve an individual caller’s needs, it could highlight areas that agents need to work on.

In 2013, when customer care is essential, call centres should also carefully think about the authority that agents have.  Policies are essential for businesses to run properly, and telephone answering services cannot give their agents free authority for a number of reasons.  However, providing agents with the ability to use their judgement and offer help or certain amounts of compensation avoids callers having to be passed from one agent to the next.  One good way of finding where problems lie is by capturing the areas when agents have to say no.  These refusals highlight boundaries that become hurdles to agents, and can be looked at in-depth to see if changing them would aid FCR rates.

Consumers want to make as few calls as possible to call centres.  Therefore, by ensuring that FCR rates are high, good customer satisfaction can be attained.

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