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Increase agent satisfaction for call centre efficiency

young african american businesswoman working on computerAgents are a vital resource for telephone answering services, ensuring that a company has dedicated and talented staff on hand to aid customers. Therefore, it is vital to keep staff satisfied and positive so they can put their best face forward. Luckily, there are several ways to boost workforce morale and ensure call centre agents are performing at optimum levels.

One of the biggest problems for all companies is that the views of staff aren’t taken into account. Call centres should listen to their agents and identify the biggest bugbears. By discovering what annoys people, steps can be taken to rectify the situation and increase agent efficiency.

Rewarding people for their hard work is also important. Top achieving agents should be given time away from the phones as a benefit for their hard work. Meanwhile, it’s important not to forget about lesser performing agents who might be really trying their best. By showing these individuals a few perks, morale and satisfaction can be boosted, fuelling people to try even harder.

Finally, call centres should introduce metrics to establish where their staff need support and further training. Education should be ongoing; even the best agents might need some help or extra resources now and then.

By keeping agents happy and satisfying their needs, call centres can ensure they’ve maximised the efficiency of their workforce and their business.

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