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Increase agent engagement with competition

Competition with three arrowsFor call centres, agent engagement is essential to facilitate the best customer care possible. However, telephone answering services workplace environments can become a little monotonous to work in, even for the most proactive of employees. Therefore, adding an element of competition can work wonders to boost morale.

Agent engagement is one of the hottest topics in the call centre industry right now. This is because higher expectations from customers and the demand for excellence mean that front line staff need to be motivated, engaged and empowered to conduct their roles at all times. This is why gamification has become so important, with firms able to implement a competition or score-based system in the workplace. For example, goals and incentives can both have scores attached to them, allowing employees to follow an organisation’s preferred behaviour whilst finding a place on the leader board.

Gamification applications are being forecast by Gartner to become as popular as Amazon, eBay and Facebook in the coming years. It’s easy to see why this is the case with the large amount of work that incentive schemes and leader boards can create.

For call centres that want to boost the morale of their staff and create an element of competition, gamification apps are ideal. By boosting engagement and creating a sense of excitement, better customer care and productivity can be seen as a result.

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