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Increase accessibility and integration to boost CRM solutions

Customer relationship managementFor many modern call centres, their customer relationship management (CRM) solution is an essential tool for keeping up with consumer demands and expectations. However, just because a business has a CRM tool does not mean that it is being used correctly. To boost the overall success of this technology, it is vital to integrate it with all communications whilst making it accessible to every worker.

Competition is fierce in the digital age, and telephone answering services need to utilise all the technology at their disposal to succeed. This means that CRM platforms need to be integrated with all other communication systems to facilitate the flow of information. This allows CRM tools to excel and evolve into a call centre’s leading platform instead of just being one of many.

NewVoiceMedia Chief Marketing Officer Tim Pickard said: “Your contact centre should integrate with your CRM solution to create a single customer success platform designed around customer interaction. By using the rich customer data held in the CRM system to fuel conversations with customers, agents can ensure every conversation is meaningful.”

Meanwhile, it is also very important to ensure that CRM solutions are accessible to everyone. Avoid making assumptions about who may need access; if just one person is kept out of the loop, bottlenecks can occur. It is far better to open the solution to all employees.

CRM tools continue to grow in their value. As call centres work more extensively with these applications, success can hinge on whether they are optimised or not.

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