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Include homeworkers in the call centre team spirit

Home WorkingAn increasing number of call centres are utilising homeworkers. This is a popular option because it can cost less to employ people working from home. Having flexible staff also means that remote agents can be called in to help when peak periods begin to swamp telephone answering services. However, there can be problems with this virtual workforce. For example, the sense of team spirit can be hard to spread to those away from the office.

To address this issue and make homeworkers feel more involved, it’s important for managers to take stock and realise that building team spirit, regardless of where their agents are, is essential. All actions, including informal and formal communications, should be virtualised. By working through a system such as Skype or Yammer, traditional office interactions can be replicated. This enables remote workers to participate, removing the worry that they will feel like loners or second-rate employees compared to those who work in the call centre itself.

It is also important for managers to understand that home working isn’t for every agent. Individuals need to know what is expected from them, how they can effectively manage their time and the possible downsides of working remotely. It is a big mistake to convert office workers to virtual ones because many of them are not prepared for the changed environment. Instead, hire workers with remote working specifically in mind, or move office workers to homeworking on a gradual scale, ensuring they are involved in team activities along the way.

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