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Incentivise call centre agents to maintain performance

Young businesswoman working in a call centerOne of the many challenges that call centres have to deal with is keeping their agents motivated. Whilst executives focus on customer experience quality and operational metrics, it is easy to forget about keeping employees happy. However, ignoring agents can result in falling performance and productivity levels. For telephone answering services that want to boost morale, incentives can be extremely valuable.

It is easier to keep employees happy when they have something to work towards. For example, offering gift cards or a weekend trip away can do wonders for getting call agents to significantly boost their productivity. This can help one individual, or collective rewards can be used. New appliances for the office or a donation to a charity can be offered as a way to keep people on track toward their targets.

There are also smaller, more manageable options. For example, a cupboard full of tasty treats or inexpensive gadgets can be used to motivate people on a daily basis. Meanwhile, first priority for annual leave dates or the opportunity to leave half an hour earlier on Fridays are also good ways to get agents working hard.

In an age where call centre work revolves around keeping customers happy, it is important not to forget that a workforce also needs to feel valued to maintain productivity levels. When this is achieved, call centres can boost both agent performance and overall service quality thanks to happy staff, thereby boosting overall success.

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