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Incentives for English Speaking Employees in Call Centres

Certain call centres are gaining incentives.
One of the main issues many companies have had with changing to call centre outsourcing is potentially giving up better employees to save a little money. In recent years more and more companies have found that they do not have to fear this issue. While it is mostly US companies who have suddenly sought call centres for outsourcing services due to the cheaper costs, there is a lesson here for anyone who might be looking towards telephone answering services. Certain Indian locations are working towards getting better English speaking call centre help due to government incentives. They can still operate at lower costs than other countries due to lower wages, but they are still seeking better employees in terms of accents.
It may be the competition places such as the Philippines and Malaysia are offering. Companies based in the Philippines use employees that speak better English. In order to get some of the income from these countries, some of the Indian based call centres are even outsourcing to the Philippines in order to open up a branch there. Roughly 13 call centres have opened large offices in the Philippines.
There is certainly a growth potential there to take advantage. For some companies, knowing about this expansion can be quite helpful when choosing who is really right for you. UK call centres may be more expensive, but you may find better quality. It is up to you and your business to decide what is right.

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