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Inbound traffic from digital channels rises to 30 per cent

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New information from ContactBabel shows that the amount of inbound traffic coming via digital channels is on the rise. In fact, the average call centre now sees 30 per cent of its consumer interaction take place through the digital world, including webchat, email and social media channels. Although the engagement may move onto more traditional channels as the conversation progresses, it is more important than ever to develop a consistent and high-quality omnichannel approach in order to maintain positive branding and stay ahead of the competition.

Despite ContactBabel’s report highlighting the increase in digital channel use, it also reported that inconsistencies remain frequent. Although many firms are used to providing high-quality phone service, the same is not always true for replying quickly on Twitter or offering error-free web chats, for example. In addition, various digital platforms are often disconnected from one another, and the cost per call might also be higher than traditional phone calls. This could be due in part to a failure to properly align platforms into a true omnichannel offering.

The publication, which is entitled “The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Customer Contact”, has shown once again just how important digital channels are for modern telephone answering services. The number of people using platforms such as webchat and Facebook to contact their favourite brands and companies is on the rise, and this is likely to boost demand for these services even further. This means that any modern call centre that wants to remain competitive must take a strategic and consistent approach to digital communication.

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