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Inbound Call Centre Services

Knowing what call centres handle can be important in setting up a contract with a particular company.

Many call centres offer customer service, an out of hours service, brochure lines, credit card order lines, help lines, product recall, and store branch or dealer lines. You may or may not need all of these services in your business. If you do not, choosing a call centre without them is perfectly acceptable. However, it is nice to know that these options exist, in the event you should need them later on.

Customer services are usually your basic telephone answering services. You have professionally trained individuals able to answer your customer’s needs with bespoke services if needed. These services can also include live chat options. Overflow or out of hours options can allow you to extend the hours of the call centre to times when your shop or business is not physically open. Customers get to call at a time convenient to them and receive the help they need. This is cost effective with outsourcing options.

Brochure lines are call centres that will also send out detailed packets such as information packs, application forms and brochures. It is more like a request line in order to receive your store or company information. This concept can save time for you since the outsourcing centre can send all of the packets based on what you need to send to your customers. Help lines within call centres are special staff that aid with certain products and services. All of the call centre options mentioned here can make your company more streamlined and help you stay on target relating to more important aspects.

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