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Improving sales from call centre staff

There are a number of businesses that make use of call centre services to improve sales, but it is a specific type of person who can be very successful in sales. First, they need to have high levels of motivation and it is necessary to be aware of the set-backs that can be faced in sales. Sales is challenging work and for call centre staff who have to deal with high volumes of calls, it is a good idea to take a structured approach to training.

One approach is known as ‘structured self-coaching’ which allows the staff member to identify the areas of their work that need some attention. They may want to feel more confident when calling potential customers, for example they may have some insecurities in this area. Challenging thought patterns will help to overcome this.

It is a misconception that call centre staff should know everything and should be able to answer any question immediately. Being confident enough to speak to the customer and state that this information is not immediately to hand can help a great deal and will not necessarily affect the outcome of any sales call. Finding a way to be able to do this while ensuring the customer’s confidence in the person that they are talking to is essential. Brainstorming the right approach with other staff members can give a few ideas on how to handle the situation.

It has been proven that using these techniques in a telephone answering service environment can help to generate more sales personnel reaching their targets.

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