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Improving Customer Communications with Call Centres

Getting customer communications right leads to brand ambassadors.
Any company is no doubt aware of the importance of customer communications and the impact these customers can have on a business. If you can get customer communication right, customers become brand ambassadors and help promote the company. Unfortunately, if a company gets it wrong, customers can be very public in their displeasure, affecting company sales.
Call centres are a touchy area when discussing customer communication. There is no doubt that some call centres have left a bad taste in the customer’s mouth, but these lessons can help you improve your own telephone answering services. By learning from other companies’ mistakes in choosing the wrong customer communication methods, such as using email and SMS over call centre options, it can teach you the right way to compete in your industry.
Social media, such as Facebook, can be helpful, but it should never replace call centre communications. Studies have shown that most customers still believe a call is more effective than an email, SMS or message on Facebook in getting a situation resolved. This is due to the one-on-one communication with a representative of a company rather than an anonymous face that may or may not respond to posts. Social media has its place in communication, but it is much better to utilise call centres where a customer can explain an issue or compliment to a company.
The moral of the story is that the call centre has to have employees you can trust to keep up your company name and brand.

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