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Improving call centre productivity begins in the recruitment process

Smiling young businessman in a call centerCall centres across the nation are often tasked with boosting their productivity. This is typically focussed on the agent; after all, these individuals are on the frontline of customer services and can determine just how successful a firm’s performance is. Although it can be easy for telephone answering services to identify the need to promote agent productivity, getting results can be a different matter altogether. One of the key places to start is during the recruitment process.

Driving productivity gains in the call centre begins at the starting line by hiring the right people for the job in the first place. Even though there are many ways to train and educate agents to help individuals increase their efficiency, core skills are needed from the outset.

Many companies simply accept the fact that they can expect a high employee turnover level and do not put the right resources into the recruitment phase. It can be easy to hire temporary workers and simply let people go as their productivity drops, replacing them with new candidates instead. However, a little extra effort and time could result in a handful of high-quality agents being hired who will not only stay in their jobs, but will also remain productive and boost consumer service quality levels. This means that instead of cycling through ten agents each month, agents with a longer tenure period can be kept.

It is also wise to remember that uncommitted agents can infect a workplace with damaging attitudes, lowering team dynamics and negatively affecting people’s personal ambitions. Therefore, executives must focus on recruitment first if they want to boost call centre productivity.

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