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Improving agent skills can give you competitive advantage

Employees Appreciating Manager At ConferenceCall centre agents are a company’s frontline of consumer care, with employees talking around the clock to customers and taking charge of a firm’s branding. For telephone answering services that want to excel in the increasingly competitive modern era, it is vital to train agents.

One of the most obvious advantages call centres can gain by training their staff is increased agent retention. This is important for all companies that want to hold onto the investment they made during the recruitment process. However, there are more benefits than simply reducing staff attrition rates.

For example, businesses can increase their potential to upsell to customers. Educated call centre employees can more easily sell to consumers without being pushy or brash. When good product and service knowledge are combined with sophisticated selling skills, more deals can be closed.

Meanwhile, with contact centres now becoming the voice of the customer, agents will be required to collaborate increasingly with sales, marketing and technology teams. Highly trained agents will be able to do this quickly and efficiently.

Finally, overall customer satisfaction should rise when agents are properly trained. Richard Branson famously said: “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.” As a result, it is essential for call centres to make sure that employees are armed with the right training and information to help make their working lives better and ensure that customers get the treatment and respect they deserve.

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