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Improved speech recognition from CallMiner

Phone callCallMiner has revealed that it has made upgrades to its speech recognition software, enabling call centres to enjoy significant improvements. The firm is a leader in solutions for customer engagement and speech analytics. Its new tool will offer between 80 and 90 per cent word recognition accuracy in addition to faster and improved performance ability.

Telephone answering services are increasingly using speech recognition tools to drive analytics and ensure self-service options are as accurate and valuable to the consumer as possible. CallMiner already offers one of the industries fastest solutions, but the new upgrade offers a host of additions. These includes support for more than 20 dialects and languages, 10x real-time processing speed, better performance for call recordings with low fidelity, and faster insights. Having access to these tools puts call centres in a position to make swift and accurate improvements that can boost customer experience, satisfaction, sales performance and adherence.

CallMiner Chief Executive Terry Leahy said: “CallMiner remains committed to continuous improvement and the upgraded recognition engine is just the latest example. Improvements in accuracy as well as speed-to-intelligence can have an immense impact on our customers’ ability to rapidly respond to a consumer’s question or address an issue. And the capability to support more languages and dialects will allow us to better support our global customers and partners and expand into other regions of the world.”

The latest Eureka update will be rolled out to call centres in July when the version 10 upgrade is deployed to CallMiner clients.

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