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Improved connectivity provided by Azzurri

Azzurri Communications’ ICON Connect In the modern era, many more call centres are utilising hybrid approaches to their technology, not wanting to throw out costly investments in on-site hardware whilst still wanting to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. However, when delivering hybrid solutions, telephone answering services often find themselves with a disconnect between the demands of agents and the connectivity provided, largely because the connectivity technologies chosen are often decided on cost and the number of current users. However, Azzurri Communications’ ICON Connect will help to avoid this, with each solution being carefully matched.

Azzurri’s new ICON Connect sits within their ICON Cloud and Managed Services suite. It works by drawing fixed-line and wireless data together into a single framework, providing call centres an easy way to scale systems to their demands and adapt it as necessary. Its modular nature also allows organisations to choose from a variety of service options. The benefit of Azzurri’s new tool is that it is focussed on a call centre’s outcomes. This means that productivity gains can be passed to customers instead of organisations facing slow connectivity between onsite and cloud operations.

Rufus Grig, Azzurri’s chief executive officer, said: “We take the burden of technology decisions away from the customer so that they can concentrate on getting on with their jobs, safe in the knowledge that their network delivers the connectivity that they need to access their applications and services.

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